Shop Now versus Shopping too late and Expecting Delivery Delay

Shop Now versus Shopping too late and Expecting Delivery Delay
by Adle International at 4:29 PM PST, November 8, 2007
Once again, please let me reiterate to consumers that the longer you wait to shop, the more possibilities for items to arrive late and delayed.
Amazon online markeplace sellers are trustworthy and customer satisfaction oriented.
However, please understand that brand new and signature items are coming from manufacturers directly. As such, there is a time frame within placing your orders and having these manufacturers process, packed and ship them.
Customers should also read the item listing comments so that you are accurately inform about descriptions and shipping times.
Another ordeal is tha backlogged with the United States Postal Service. Standard shipping might be longer so Expedited shipping if available should be the right choice. Even then, we don’t know when everyone try to rush after Veterans Day and before Thanksgiving.
Please, please SHOP NOW to avoid delays and after all this is why it is called the Season of Giving.
Happy Shopping Holidays,

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