Five Days Pre-X’mas Sales Coupons

The last remaining days before christmas are the best days to get the super bargain deals.

Every retailer store or online has been developing all sorts of bargain coupons and discounts.

Anyways, just remember to make sure your information is secured when buying stuff.

Online, make sure that the URL addresses becomes https from http meaning signing certificate or security when you enter your credit card informations.

I also hope you drop by and check out our own sales. Of course, we need to make money too!

Les Hinton, steps down from News Corp. to be with Dow Jones

I remember Les Hinton as an ally of Billionaire Investor Rupert Murdoch in Australia and the Uk. This guys has incredible wits and business genius.

I guess the $5 billion Dow jones merger is indeed a very big deal. Hence, James Murdoch, Murdoch’s annointed son was promoted to replace Les. Kudos and Good Luck to Les.

Alliance Title closes in California

Alliance Title Group, a division of the Mercury Group closes it’s doors for the employees just before christmas.

Sounds like familiar to small online sellers being booted out in certain marketplaces. Of course, the big wigs will create all the reasons in the world.

So being self employed as market place retailer is just something similar to the Alliance Title story of suddenly closing it’s doors.

For all you know, the bigwigs are also preparing to close. Good luck to their invetsors though. Stocks are steadily going down. But it’s up for the people to think who these big wigs are?

Small but surviving and thriving

Karma always goes back, careful!

Nintendo Wii, DVD Home Theater Super X’mas Sale

We finally launched the new look on the websites featuring our super sales of Nintendo’s, DVD Home Theaters, Laptops, and coll gifts for christmas.

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Merry Happy Holdaisy to everyone!

The Way of the Disabled and Low Income Life

After so much thinking, you can’t serve the low income of you don’t walk the life.
Today, we go on our own total mission for disabled and low income.

Pls. visit our new stores solely for what we live for:


What took us too long? I don’t know, it’s the system.

Pls. help us and support us on our own.