Bush on Environment climate change – lameduck too late or not


President George Bush announced today his action plan on climate change. I believe he is really sincere in living a legacy behind like the rest of other American Presidents Roosevelt, Clinton, etc..,

However, a lot of environmentalist are also outrage that this might be a lame duck policy as just to put his name together with history files.

Well, for whatever it is the important thing is we are now realizing what the global environment changes has done to society.

That’s not to say, how oil prices has affected the economic downturn or the effects after years of enrichment by the oil barons.

It’s about time. A time to change from war and oil mentality yet not Obama’s save the elite culture but what is the working class all about. The unions and most of all the low income earners and those in poverty.

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Long live the planet,

Alex Esguerra


The Power of Green, Could Action on Climate Really Be Bush Legacy?

A president only becomes great by living a history behind. George Bush might be trying to leave his legacy at this point. Give him a chance yet the question lies is it too late than waltzing his holiness, The Pope.For Teddy Roosevelt it was the creation of our system of National Parks. For Richard Nixon it was the passage of landmark environmental reforms found in the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act. For Bill Clinton it was an eleventh-hour preservation of millions of acres of public lands.

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Affordability for Limited Income Earners, the in thing these days!

Yes, thank God America is finally realizing what AFFORDABILITY is all about.
Not cheap, dirt cheap, not antiques neither expensive as a piece of art deco. Gone are days that people don’t understand value investing.
Why does it always take a recession for us to know that it is not how much we pay for advertising to entice the consumer. It is about reputation, creating value, positive thinking and even nowadays going Green.
All the discussions can be said about our mission of affordability but does it help me or you put food in our table? Or perhaps, too cheap to cost $0.01 and get what you deserve.
It’s not about what’s in your wallet, it is the value of what you get!
Long live to my fellow bloggers on creating things like the GNU org. and fighting for freedom of expression.

Yours truly,


My Message to Jerry and the Yahoo Board!

As we all know that Yahoo is currently undergoing enormous stress. Yet, as a small nobody and small shareholder like me, I have great admiration on Yahoo’s business model. But as an entrepreneur, we must know “timing” and question is it a time to sell or a time to hold on.
However, as a small home based low income business, we can save time with overhead, cutting costs and labor but let us not forget that ultimately our customers are our lifeblood. During the past years I have have stayed afloat I have learn to be frugal but you can only be frugal until such extent. Our employees are customers should not sufferis what we are all about anyways.

First, and foremost is we need to believe and take care of ourself and the business. Unfortunately, when a business becomes public there are investors will and a business climate to suffice. So my advice, is for us to cut our losses and sell at the best bargain.

However, our culture is still preserved and we will endure these together. As we shall be one together.
Yahoo! Finance
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