San Francisco Pride on Orlando

Watching this morning Gay Pride Parade that started at the Embarcadero in San Francisco towards the Civic Center City Hall festivities, from the floats, booths and the atmosphere although merry but deeply focusing for the awakening needs that a few weeks ago caused the Orlando Florida tragedy.

As SF Pride celebrated it also express its love in the victims of the tragedy having their names and pictures on the parade contingent.

This year as always has the Bay Area political crowd in the names of Edwin Lee, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Leno, Kamala Harris and the rest. Hillary for President contingent was welcomed and applauded in the predominantly democratic San Fran.

From Virgin America. Kaiser Permanente and the tons of community and non profit organizations in the LGBTQ and Hiv care services sing, dance and celebrated another year if same sex marriage, equality and human rights in the United States.

A few days ago the big question was how SF Pride 2016 will remember the Orlando tragedy as there was really no official word being still fresh in memory and the news media.

As America prepares for its presidential elections this November when the Uk just elected to get out of the European Union. It’s Prime Minister resigning in the midst  of another stock market shake up, one can just remember the ideals embodied in this festivities while looking at the issues needed to be prioritized when Barack Obama officially steps down in January 2017.

Hence our own vision initiatives of mentoring and affordability even to limited earners. Although with this focus comes the premise that which online independent bookseller can compete with the mighty Amazon drop shippers who sell books lower than what we buy it from the publishers.

Well yes it’s free enterprise especially when some these mighty ones are not even from here but the United Kingdom.

I guess I should then continue to read my chosen bestseller today, “Before the Fall”

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Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education

Listening through Shaun Harper keynote at the Hilton San Francisco on the 29th Annual Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education opens various topics on Muticulturalism and beyond. As a recognized educator like Shaun, he touches on a lot of issues towards student success and struggles. Various session topics touch on different marginalized communities, international students even touching on Obama’s Dream Act on Immigration.

It’s also good to note on the abundance of ¬†research grants still out there

From activism, discrimination into becoming especially sensitive faculty to student needs reflects on the issues that might need to be addressed by the next incoming US President