Collecting Books as Hobby and Business

On a Young Entrepreneur speaking engagement I spoke, on an open forum preceeded by being asked if I used a Book Scanner. Nowadays, book scanning is the high tech ingredient where you use your smart phone or blackberry integrated with a scanner. You scan the back of the book’s UPC, Bar Code or ISBN no.
My answer is that I do have the capability as it is a real cool dundy tool must have. However, on another side, I come from the old school of being a book reader, collector, dealer and then seller.
A book for me is a tool and guide for information and learning. I started reading Hardy Boys and Marvel Comics by DC when I was five. Then I also did speed reading and took pilot (beta test) schooling at that time which is commonly known as home study. As an army brat, I had to go into different schools and start over, thank GOD for being a accelerated student then.
The different kinds and variations of books is not only interesting but for me makes the sense why I collect books as passion, hobby and business.
If you are like me to loves learning new things, romance, and adventure then books might be something to think about.
Coming from the old school, I look for the First Printing or First Editions and can easily tell if a rare book is a BCE or blind copy.
Another question is value because it is how a person perceives books. Why then did we come up with the business model of
It is because the way I look for books is not to be to expensive that no one will buy it until you die or not too cheap as it was always a flea market style ( sounds familiar?).
Human factor is a big deal in the books business. Whether your bidding on ebay at user: affordable-books-and-things, at user: ADLE International, an librarians or even the rare phenomen with ABE Books Exchange (AFFORDABLEBOOKS).
Not the less, if you love doing what you do and love charity and giving with through us at

More Power and Success.

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