Hello world! The Power of Money and Perception.

Living frugal day to day as a disabled individual is a challenge. Customer service is focused on understanding, listening and showing emphathy to customers. As a customer with limited financial capabilities, Itry to remain positive when businesses perceive me as powerless and they won’t achieve any future on me. As a seller, I try to deal with each customer on a case to case basis weighing the facts, situations, or even fraudster. Yet, I believe that not until I know all the facts can I make a self assessment. Hence, it is quite conflicting to exercise your own humility towards people while outliving the challenges or perceptions I deal each day. Thus, hello world, the power of money and perception? Who wins and what is right?

8 thoughts on “Hello world! The Power of Money and Perception.

  1. Back in 1997, with little money one can set up a Web Site and try to sell things on line. This is why Ebay flourished and other sites like Amazon did very good. I remember even CDNOW was born the in a basement.

    For all the hooplas, between then and now I believe that a lot of Americans still prefer to make their shopping purchases online with Brick and Mortar stores.

    In the sense, this is why I have prevailed with ADLE International. Small and affordable shall still be my focus as it is having control on my vision.


  2. The subject of change and adaptability is important. All I can say is that if you are not accustomed to frugality, it can be tough. But entrepreneurial, you have to do what you have to do when times get tough.


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