After Thanksgiving – Get Connected Online – Shop for the Best Deals!

Yes, this year mark on a new trend on Black Friday. The malls were still are rush in the morning but as the afternoon progress, the numbers were no longer as exciting as the previous years.

Thus, a new landmark that online sales still increased this year in spite of all odds.

So, hurry Cyber Monday might be too late for shopping after all.

10% Off, Free Shipping, Fast Delivery What Else?

Watch TV and all you see are all these ads about tomorrow’s advertising pitches for 10, 20, 50% Off, Free Shipping, We Pay the Sales Tax, WHAT ELSE?

You know it only means people are not really going to the malls, well at all, And when they do, they stroll a lot ala window shop. True or Not?

Anyways, analyst thinks it because everyone searches everything for the best deals first. Where else of course to start and end the search – ONLINE!

Sports Night into Saturday Shop Night

Sports Night Saturday suddenly turn into Saturday Shopping Night.

As one of more funny thing is that it was just Black Friday after Thanksgiving. Then, what is going to be left for Cyber Monday

Don’t know. But if I were you, I would hurry up and check out the best deals online before then.

The New Trend of Holiday Gift Giving

Black Friday weekend after Thanksgiving Day has a new trend. It is now “ONLINE CYBER SHOPPING”.

The numbers on the brick and mortar stores as well as Dept. Stores today were no longer as much as the previous years, Some say a lot has to do with was is going on with the economy. Other blames gas prices, inflation and simply less funds to spend.

Yet amidst all these, “ONLINE” sales has dramatically increased through the years. This year is a very good example that people now are getting comfortable of buying almost everything online.

So, better hurry before the so called CYBER MONDAY as inventory might not be there by Monday.

Let’s see who can Google the specials fast enough.