Time to Disable USPS as preferred shipping for books

Effective 9/20/2017 starting from our Affordable Book Finds

we will slowly delete and disable our preferred books shipping methods using the United States Postal Service

The never ending issue on the inaccuracy of the USPS website tracking website had been costing us time, money as well as negative feedbacks and straining customer relations especially for new first time customers. The website’s messaging on “invalid”, “incorrect” “pre-shipment” will never get fixed. Not only the information finally gets updated until after or on the same day as the items are delivered but the buyers commonly thinks We never shipped the item. Most importantly especially on new first time buyers online they believe the information even though it’s not accurate as the agency is a reputable body of the government.

We realized attempting not to use the USPS as the most economical shipping courier will result to lesser sales on our part but then again our commitment is great customer service, experience and retention.

Moving on, the ADLE International online selling websites will gradually shipped to our preferred shipping couriers UPS and FedEx

Nevertheless our retail selling prices will still strive to offer the best most affordable books even to limited income earners.

Alex Esguerra


Usedbooksworld’s Mobile App Goes Live Today

Usedbooksworld by ADLE International made the announcement at 12:01 AM today that it’s well awaited mobile app is now live at the Apple Itunes Store.

With the vision of specializing on rare, out of print, hard to find new and used books affordable even to limited earners, Usedbooksworld is the second mobile app in the last 30 days released by the ADLE International group.

“Our hope is to have a simple, user friendly, clean mobile app especially for our limited earners like people with disabilities, seniors and the young teens” quoted from it’s founder, Former APEC Youth Representative, Alex Esguerra.

Carlos Rodiriguez, ADLE International’s Director of Sales says that this app is just second on the series of apps they will be releasing. The next app on the works is for Affordable Book Deals  in time for the mobile friendly version of the company’s original flagship site, Affordable Books On Line

This year the company has growth phenomenally and finally getting the recognition in becoming a one stop shop for excellent book deals, fast delivery and finding books one cannot find elsewhere.

Our hope is that more and more consumers buy using our mobile apps and the apps of independent online booksellers in response to the big marketplaces controlling pricing, quality and domination when it comes to bookselling. We will continue to work hand in hand with other independent online booksellers and be an advocate together with the American Booksellers Association. We look forward on the success of the upcoming Book Expo 2017 at Jacob Javits at the end of May, Carlos continued.

For now, we are all excited in this 2nd app release and many thanks for our ever loyal customers.


Accurate Book Titles is it that Important?

On a recent author book reading we had, a question came up which got redirected back to our bookstore team.

Does book titles, descriptions and pictures matter when your listing online? The question was raised due to the fact that booksellers mostly rely on the upc and Isbn databases link to the publishing companies complete books listing information.

Although most of these information are all linked the fact still remains that there are so called human and technology errors. Easily sometimes one can observed going to a bookselling site searching for a book then comparing it to another site.  Unfortunately,      most of the time one simply compares prices. The fact is there are times the book picture might be the same but then there’s missing complete title name or even times when the specification or descriptions like editions and or publishers might be different.

Especially on photos, most of the time they are stock photos being subscribed by sites from Amazon and such. Does every buyer really go read the entire listing before clicking the order button? Not necessarily hence returns, refunds and exchanges occur after the book arrives and the discovery comes into place that one thought they bought what they did they bought.

Although the fact is there are thousands and millions that booksellers have to managed on inventory, there should be still some kind of content management and quality control. A bookseller needs the traditional old method on bookstores back in the days of accurate description and sometimes engaging what’s exciting in that book. We can’t simply rely on the data already prefilled when we list a book as in the end we’re the ones losing the money on returns and refunds. And the fact of the matter is that online booksellers doesn’t really make tons of profit notwithstanding the stiff competition on the big drop shippers selling lower than the publisher book prices in the industry.

And yes, book listing titles, descriptions, specs and photos are extremely important selling books online.

Alex Esguerra
ADLE International
Affordable books on line

January/February Martha Stewart Living Promotes Indie Bookstores and Reading

The current issue of Martha Stewart Living includes a six-page feature on reading and independent bookstores, titled “Hit the Books! Our Reading List for 2017.”

Source: January/February Martha Stewart Living Promotes Indie Bookstores and Reading

Big Box Retailers going towards Online Sales

As the news media has been reporting, some big box stores are closing some of their retail store fronts in non lucrative traffics areas these days.

What the unknown is that over time these big names had been gradually building their online storefront communities. Some of them had even started to combined their online sites with third party marketplace sellers.

This strategy has slowly building more new website traffic conversions to these big box retailers. One observation in the booksellers community is that part of the product mix of these big box brands web storefronts includes books which over the years was one of biggest internet e-commerce success grandfathered by the eBay and Amazon pioneers.

As books is entirely a new arena for these brands which in the past were in appliances, technology, housewares and clothing to name a few, these online selling marketplaces have not been fully invaded by the so called cheap discounters and dropshippers from Amazon and the traditional books online marketplaces. For how long it will be like these remains a question of time. This was the same scenario years back when independent booksellers started bailing out of Amazon and EBay to then specialized books website marketplaces.

As any bookseller knows. today these so called book special marketplaces are now following the footsteps of mighty Amazon. Not only are the so called valued Quality of books pricing and sellers are diminishing, these sites have deviated on their focus on helping Independant bookstores grow to the tune of fees, fees, charges and commissions. Some have amassed so much money by having selling fees and commissions tiers depending on how books you list and sell.

So as these big box retailers capture market share in books and having independent online sellers as partners our wish is that they don’t follow the footsteps on how book selling marketplaces are being run today. It’s fair to say these big box stores have established their brands of quality and customer service. Hopefully they don’t destroy their reputation by making sure they indeed study the facts and scenarios in bookselling today.

As we continue our vision of Affordable books, affordable with value, quality, and customer service is the main focus versus cheapest price in the planet.

Alex Esguerra

Adle International

Impulse versus I need it today

As in any retail storefronts, book buyers can be impulse driven or I need it now.

When a long awaited book comes out in the market depending on the marketplace and buyer demographics, the book could be an instant bestseller or inventory for a bookseller.

The reality of the low priced controlled Amazon wholesale drop shippers instantly controls the bestsellers reign due to the instant market need.

So depending on the supply and demand, it can be days or a week when a book instantly becomes a New York Times bestseller and like the stock market the different book selling platform marketplaces develops each of their tier discount promos to capture the buyers chaos to buy the most wanted book.

Then there’s a time wholesalers inventory becomes low waiting for the publisher to re-order or at some point and time the publisher announces its out of stock.

When this happens, the low priced driven      Market changes to now buyers to do their google search driven need as to where can I buy the book?

The on hand inventory of independent bookstores now goes into play to the extent that buyers are no longer low priced but needs driven.

Until the publisher reprints and replenishments comes, for a while the real value for the books market price stabilizes. Of course. When the wholesale low price drop shippers from the Amazon world gets control of the inventory and cheap pricing then the  markets again changes.

So for us at ADLE International we try to be consistent. Although we always think of our vision of Affordability, we still priced our books with the market value intended for the book industry as a pledging independent bookstore to maintain profitability and at the same give recognition of the book content and real value.

The pricing tiers for us does not necessary mean cheapest as quality and prompt delivery with reliability speaks who we are to our customers.

Adle International

Trends in buying books online

From the feedback ratings then to today’s mobile one click ordering, one thing that remains is fast, quality and reliability in delivery on online book orders.

Although the common big marketplaces like Amazon and the like still heavily uses       Seller ratings, consumers nowadays focus more on credibility and price competitiveness. It’s not so much on whose the cheapest but what my social media friends thinks of a bookseller says one of our regular book buyers.

I guess all these save pins and news feeds has played a big effect on social media influencing buying habits.

And looking at the big picture, all the online advertising affects the mighty Google Website searches, ranking and optimization.

The more booksellers are connected and in touch with online buyers, the more possibilities you have on getting those books sold online.

Over the years it has been a challenge especially from old time traditional booksellers to buy into the idea of a close relationship with the online world. So if your still part of these non believers I’d say good riddance as we further go deeper to online space technology and selling.

It’s not up to advertising but more on online credibility as nowadays the intricate online web can make or break a bookselling business.

As a book buyer, the question for you to remember is when do get that book are you happy on the whole experience or was it just one sale as long as you get the cheapest price out there? 

Hence, we leave both booksellers and buyers the idea of will I buy from this business again as the experience was great?

Realities of Political Defeat in an Election

Having that experience working with political figures way back then as a young emerging entrepreneur gives me a very strong perspective of how politics is where ever in the a free world.

The main difference nowadays as I ran through this high school girls coming from a walk out protest was today’s mobile technology and social media. As I listen on these girls they were steaming through the ABC and NBC news feeds looking at their friends and re-confirming why they had to walked out of school today and joined this all over the SF Bay Area protest

I’ve seen both sides of so called electoral systems both in the free world USA as well as corrupt countries if the third world where manipulation goes hand in hand with money and intimidation 

Pre Election and through out a presidential campaign both sides launch their platforms their ads their efforts and their teams or back then foot soldiers and today through social media’s syndication which also played a big role for the election of outgoing President Barack Obama

There were so many underlying factors nowadays against Hillary that the social media syndications gave a lot of confusing outcomes though the fact of winning the popular vote.

I do know the fact the defeated Vice Presidential candidates still has a future to learn as I’ve seen several who in time became President. The reality is that as history writes a defeated Presidential candidate most of the time graduates from the political scene. 

In the case of Hillary as she goes this path       History will write her very long service and hopefully in time give her own statute not just as the first woman candidate but one who had triumph on the past political positions she had

Past women political figures like Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Corazon Aquino are just some who also went through the path as what Hillary stated in her concession “fight for what is right”

The healing from defeat takes a long time to process yet it is reality. Going through the Facebook feeds on signing a petition for the electors in Dec. 19 is good way to voice however as I’ve seen it through years when an elected President is elected, it is done

However, we never know if somehow this miracle turns around the results again is will be history

For now what we should do is unite in the process and make sure what’s helping us doesn’t get undone and that no new proclamation goes through destroying the dream of what America is about.

San Francisco Pride on Orlando

Watching this morning Gay Pride Parade that started at the Embarcadero in San Francisco towards the Civic Center City Hall festivities, from the floats, booths and the atmosphere although merry but deeply focusing for the awakening needs that a few weeks ago caused the Orlando Florida tragedy.

As SF Pride celebrated it also express its love in the victims of the tragedy having their names and pictures on the parade contingent.

This year as always has the Bay Area political crowd in the names of Edwin Lee, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Leno, Kamala Harris and the rest. Hillary for President contingent was welcomed and applauded in the predominantly democratic San Fran.

From Virgin America. Kaiser Permanente and the tons of community and non profit organizations in the LGBTQ and Hiv care services sing, dance and celebrated another year if same sex marriage, equality and human rights in the United States.

A few days ago the big question was how SF Pride 2016 will remember the Orlando tragedy as there was really no official word being still fresh in memory and the news media.

As America prepares for its presidential elections this November when the Uk just elected to get out of the European Union. It’s Prime Minister resigning in the midst  of another stock market shake up, one can just remember the ideals embodied in this festivities while looking at the issues needed to be prioritized when Barack Obama officially steps down in January 2017.

Hence our own vision initiatives of mentoring and affordability even to limited earners. Although with this focus comes the premise that which online independent bookseller can compete with the mighty Amazon drop shippers who sell books lower than what we buy it from the publishers.

Well yes it’s free enterprise especially when some these mighty ones are not even from here but the United Kingdom.

I guess I should then continue to read my chosen bestseller today, “Before the Fall”

Affordable Books by Adle