Bookselling now another victim of the Recession

Some stories of friends have great similarity to ours and we all agreed that we are not recession proof. 

In the few years, the internet giants of the books industries have made very good mechanisms of maintaining, selecting

and dropping small brick and mortar home based retailers.   Without the big guys even having their own masssive inventory stocks,

the small guys are the ones buying and resselling, the develop quality and shipping standards, make money through services,

commissions and fees and most of all the consumer’s payment which they use as cash flow as they have  scheduled payment

after a week, two weeks or even a month after finally paying the small guys.    In the meantime the small guy only has two days

from receipt of order to deliver to the customer in good quality and fastest way.

So it is still the samll guys who get ding, scolded or even expelled if these rules are not followed of if the customer complaints.

So in turn the consumer does not want to buy a book online sometimes as they are not sure if the book ever get on time.

The Power of Green, Could Action on Climate Really Be Bush Legacy?

A president only becomes great by living a history behind. George Bush might be trying to leave his legacy at this point. Give him a chance yet the question lies is it too late than waltzing his holiness, The Pope.For Teddy Roosevelt it was the creation of our system of National Parks. For Richard Nixon it was the passage of landmark environmental reforms found in the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act. For Bill Clinton it was an eleventh-hour preservation of millions of acres of public lands.

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The Nominee from both parties should do a debate for Disabled Poeple. Making the slected nominee for for parties to be in a forum debate only for Disabled and Gays/Lesbians will really be a very memorable that each american would like to see on how they really consider the issues this people go through every single day.

The New Trend is "Book’s Rental" Business

There is a new business in town from the University Press Core Paparazzi.

While browsing online, I saw how the new trend is just to rent books. I think it’s a great idea especially if you are a broke university student nowadays.

This is not a paid advertising but for me to endorse it side by side with my own blogs,

only means I am sold on the idea.
Good luck, university paparazzi’s.

Five Days Pre-X’mas Sales Coupons

The last remaining days before christmas are the best days to get the super bargain deals.

Every retailer store or online has been developing all sorts of bargain coupons and discounts.

Anyways, just remember to make sure your information is secured when buying stuff.

Online, make sure that the URL addresses becomes https from http meaning signing certificate or security when you enter your credit card informations.

I also hope you drop by and check out our own sales. Of course, we need to make money too!

Recovering from a Stroke before Christmas is no big deal

Yes, I ahve to admit about the many inquiries we have received concerning my health over the past two weeks.

Although, I did have all these challenges over the last three weeks, I’m back alive and kicking.

So back to business of reminding folks. This is your last week. There are orders that might not arrived by Christmas but that is the choice you made for ordering this late.

I was talking to Carl, ADLE International’s Sales Director, he recommends customers must use the expedite shipping thing if there is one. ADLE will try to deliver as fast as they can but it is up to the postal service (attn. and the couriers like UPS, Fedex, DHL and the like.

Happy Holidays and thanks for all the prayers I got. I will survive is my theme this christmas.

Alex Esguerra

Founder, ADLE International