The Future of the internet towards human nature


The future has began with the digital technology age today.  From video-cams, landlines, instant messaging and reading, the internet has transformed a new way of life.

With online virtual communities and social networking, one does not need to travel thousands of miles to meet and learn about society and culture.

Expressing emotions and ideas are ways to create  a real sense of healing especially when humans go through difficult times in their lives.  Understanding human ordeals is hard especially if we have never experienced the same hardships and situations.

It is no longer assumptions towards realities and analyzing trends but listening to people.  On the other end, the listener has to have the compassion and sentiment to elicit a more positibe attitude.

This is not just about the business aspects of creating niche but also sharing personal experiences over life.  The key is simply accepting what is present and then move on towards a new beginning. This is the real message depicted on the ideology behind why we have constantly promoted the online virtual community.

Affordable Books another milestone at President’s Day 2008

Affordable Books is finally live through the hard work from

Thanks a million to Lance for putting the idea of nature and simplicity for the main theme.

Through state of the art inventory book management software, you will be able to see some rarer books from

Of course, do not forget our ALIBRIS BOOKSTORE and ADLE’s main site.

We hope that you can just give us patience as we are carefully loading new inventory meantime.

It was bad news that a couple of newspapers in San Francisco Bay area are laying off people due to the recession.

Keep hoping as there is hope.

Again, congrats to my team at Affordable Books.