With all the stories and events around, maybe it’s time to listen “When God Whispers”

When God Whispers Your Name, based on best-selling author – MAX LUCADO

Just a day after a series of mass shootings again all over cable news. Just as it was a time for celebration for Lunar New Year, the air waves opens up again on this tragic chaos not to mention with all the politics that goes with it.

So on a time like last night, I pulled one of my favorite authors books, “When God Whispers” by Max Lucado and open the book marker I had left. Page 2 on his acknowledgement says, ” And so may I introduce you into this book? It’s a book of hope. A book whose sole aim is to encourage.”

It continuous in saying am anxious, bad news outpaces the good. Problems outnumbers solutions. And we are concerned. He ends by saying that God knows my name. Many chapters auditioned for this book, but not all were selected. So as we read Max’s books and interpret them as laymen, religious or even poet’s, he creates that inspiration that we need through his writings.

In this book we discover the path towards hope and God’s care in everyday life stories and examples. Listen closely as we read the pages, what God may whisper that may erase doubts, pain, sorrow, despair and even fear. Yet the author do reference some of the Old and New Testament so we can connect better in understanding the numerous ways God is there for us. Max Lucado is a pastor, speaker, and bestselling author who, in his own words. Max has a way of writing it is a mixture of lesson and life all at once for us the readers.

Chapter 23, The God Who Fights For You starts, “Here is a big question. What is God doing when you are in a bind? When the lifeboat springs a leak? When the rip cord snaps? When the last penny is gone before the last bill is paid? When the last hope left on the last train? What is God doing? I know what we are doing. Nibbling on nails like corn on the cob.

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