Trends in buying books online

From the feedback ratings then to today’s mobile one click ordering, one thing that remains is fast, quality and reliability in delivery on online book orders.

Although the common big marketplaces like Amazon and the like still heavily uses       Seller ratings, consumers nowadays focus more on credibility and price competitiveness. It’s not so much on whose the cheapest but what my social media friends thinks of a bookseller says one of our regular book buyers.

I guess all these save pins and news feeds has played a big effect on social media influencing buying habits.

And looking at the big picture, all the online advertising affects the mighty Google Website searches, ranking and optimization.

The more booksellers are connected and in touch with online buyers, the more possibilities you have on getting those books sold online.

Over the years it has been a challenge especially from old time traditional booksellers to buy into the idea of a close relationship with the online world. So if your still part of these non believers I’d say good riddance as we further go deeper to online space technology and selling.

It’s not up to advertising but more on online credibility as nowadays the intricate online web can make or break a bookselling business.

As a book buyer, the question for you to remember is when do get that book are you happy on the whole experience or was it just one sale as long as you get the cheapest price out there? 

Hence, we leave both booksellers and buyers the idea of will I buy from this business again as the experience was great?