Affordability for Limited Income Earners, the in thing these days!

Yes, thank God America is finally realizing what AFFORDABILITY is all about.
Not cheap, dirt cheap, not antiques neither expensive as a piece of art deco. Gone are days that people don’t understand value investing.
Why does it always take a recession for us to know that it is not how much we pay for advertising to entice the consumer. It is about reputation, creating value, positive thinking and even nowadays going Green.
All the discussions can be said about our mission of affordability but does it help me or you put food in our table? Or perhaps, too cheap to cost $0.01 and get what you deserve.
It’s not about what’s in your wallet, it is the value of what you get!
Long live to my fellow bloggers on creating things like the GNU org. and fighting for freedom of expression.

Yours truly,


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