Business Competition does not bother Google on Microsoft/Yahoo Alliance

True indeed, Google is a winner because it can compete. I salute the efforts of Google for offering their help in case the Yahoo and Microsoft alliance pushes.

In my sales mentoring speeches I have use Google so many, many times because these just guys achieve through competition. One of the origianal beliefs of the google founders is towards Globalization.

If you look at the scenario, the software and licensing bundles together with the MSN and Yahoo groups will more improve and perhaps really come up with new discoveries.

Hence, the Internet product development will basically create more things that are beneficial.

Ebay, Overtock and Amazon are now intertwined though the 3rd party selllers.

In the end, where will the 3rd party selllers use. Google, Yahooo/Microsoft?

Bill Clinton, Diane and Gavin in full force today for Hillary

The Democrats were in full force today roaming Churches in California.
Bill Clinton was seen in Southern California. I watched Sen. Diane Feinstein (D) today at the 9:00 AM service the Glide United Methodist Church.
Mayor Gavin Newsom was the Phone banking center of Hillary’s HQ today as well.
And yes, again and again, I don’t get paid for advertising space here.
This is just a wayof showing support for Hillary win or not.
Hope people exercise their rights as there is only a few hours left for Super Tuesday.

Network Marketing is now Customer retention and loyalty

Domains by GDI

Today, the system of Network Marketing is change drastically. Gone are the days of the various MLM scams making people go through unscrupulous downline financial disasters.

An example of this is Global Domains International’s, – the next big thing.

I was very very hesitant in this before. However, I feel confident now because of the business essence of this networking business.

Like our sites at: and,  we  have strengthen our customer base by also buying and using the services within the network. I realize the importance of sticking to loyalty affiliates which in turn also gives us additional customers without campaigning for new ones.

Today, is aood resource if you need to be loyal and people loyal to your brand of products and services as well. The best is that there is no pressure to get such as such people in order to extend your network. Why, because the domain and ut’s products and services are indeed business tools to help any new or fledgling small micro enterprises today.

After all, with current recession that effects so many lives today, we need to establish numerous streams of self generating income for survival.

It is up to us to do something about our future and lives.

Happy networking everyone,