Kudos to the Washington Mutual Fraud Dept.

Yes, www.wamu.com is finally waking up trying to more focus daily on it’s existing customer base.

I would like to congratulate it’s Fraud Dept. for monitoring unscrupulous transactions even though one might not have the prowess and wealth in the world.

Keep it up, as you create a network of depositors dedicated to your bank.

After all, you spend so much on advertising dollars stating you have great customer service.

The Nobody

The San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair – A Way to Connect Internationally

While finalizing details to revived our Rare Books site, an antiquarian friend reminded me that tomorrow is the opening of the SAN FRANCISCO Book Fair for Antiquarian books at the San Francisco Concourse.

This year, they will have about 200 exhibitors locally and internationally. First Editions, rare manuscripts and rare books are somewhat the equivalent of Rare Art for the Bookselling industry. It takes a lot of ethics, professionalism and honesty to be in this group.

They are open from 10 AM – 7 pm and then on Sunday from 10 AM – 5 pm.
Admission is about $10.00 but with return privileges.

So if you are book enthusiasts at heart, come visit the show and experience the once in a lifetime
rare books worlds.

Books are a way for people to connect as well from different facets of SOCIETY.

Good luck to the world of rare books exhibitors.

ADLE International