700,000 Asians for Hillary and no Obama

My question is that it has been publicized that Hillary got the endorsement of the 700,00 strong Asians in the USA for signing the paper fighting for the rights of Asian Americans?

Yet, as an mixed racial Asian living in America, I am not aware of such issues signed by Hillary. And most importantly I am known to be a Hillary Clinton supporter without such politicking.

So my dear fellow Asian, we cannot say we would remain neutral if only Obama would only sign like Hillary.

I believe such thing is hypocrisy. The question here is who do we really believe in and support.

Our culture comes from family and belief of the positive. If we think a candidate is the best to run the country, we don’t need some re-assurance. So, in which case I don’t blame Obama either for not signing.

Yet it does not mean, that I will be deviating from my belief in Hillary Clinton, win or lose.

This is what we should focus. i simply believe that limited income and disabled like me struggling have more hope through a lady president.

After all, it is values not politics.

How about you?

Alex Esguerra
ADLE International

Which Presidentiable really cares for the Disabled?

One of the biggest issues in America’s presidentiable race today is “HEALTH CARE”.

Yet, after all the blah, blah, blah about Universal Health Care, I guess my question is how far does these presidentail nominees really understand the lives of living with a disability.

On the little public knowledge, I don’t really know if neither one has a on-going disability as otherwise they might not be running at all. We know people like Elizabeth Edwards who is suffering from breast cancer.

However, part of the politics on the Edwards campaign was focusing on what issues everyone is talking and arguing about. Perhaps, to get more limelight or spotlight or even media coverage.

But just to reiterate that it was only then First Lady, Hillary Clinton who have some history for Universal Heatlh Care in America.

However, changing the subject on a deeper plain, how does these candidate really understand disability and health care.

It might be too specific but can be a way to find out who has really the deeper understanding, experience or even compassion for being disabled in America today.

Perhaps, all I can do for now is just see their next steps?

Alex Esguerrahttp://www.alexesguerra.com