« Washington Mutual Bank – Empress of Overdraft Fees Spring Cleaning for Customer Retention

warrior-soul.jpg« Washington Mutual Bank – tackles the credit crisis by way of hearing, empathizing and keeping customers and their money.

Currrently, we have been getting a lot of traffic from WAMU customers frustrations and as a voice hope to be help for WAMU to do some SpringCleaning from within in order not to lose the confidence, customers and depositors.

I am also inviting the bank to open up their communication line by posting replies to the issues being raise by current frustrated WAMU customers.

Hope we can be the communication in between to help in this crisis. 

Alex Esguerra

2 thoughts on “« Washington Mutual Bank – Empress of Overdraft Fees Spring Cleaning for Customer Retention

  1. I can understand the frustrations of customers. If it is any comfort, it is even more frustrating at times working for the bank.

    Maybe I am just not “in tune” with corporate America, but it seems silly to me that the company would spend so much energy encouraging us to think (which is why they place a premium on college education) and review our working habits for efficiency, then at the moment when you actually show a glimmer of independent thought, pointing out that the stated goals are out of tune with the tools with which they gave us to work you are crucified as “sowing discord” like a “cancer” in the organization.

    To anyone who hasn’t been under a rock, you understand the current environment in which to lend has been a tad bit hampered to say the least. With the mounting problems the bank faces with its lending portfolio, it has put into place policies that greatly restrict our ability to do loans. That is fine, and I can understand why they would do that, as much as my paycheck may suffer. However, what I find absolutely astounding is that they still require the branches to hit a lending goal, giving the managers a club with which to beat us over the head in sales meetings for not hitting the numbers. Did I miss something?

    The bank is now overflowing with talk of “more smiles and simpler banking,” placing an emphasis on gaining more consumer accounts, customers, and improving service. Yet the goals set before us have not changed. They have taken away our tools and still want us to produce. I don’t know if my manager just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or if he was still drunk from the wine bar last night, but he went off on a tirade this morning about how pathetic it was that we couldn’t hit “sissy” numbers in lending. It is akin to giving me only water with which to build a fire, then bludgeoning me for not making a fire. When pointing out the obvious, I was screamed at for coming up with some “philosophic bull(expletive) excuse for poor performance” and told I was a “cancer” sowing “discord and discontent.” If that wasn’t enough, he actually had the gall to tell me if I spent half the time working as I did complaining I might actually make some money. I actually felt bad for about a half second until I realized he must be nuts. Did I mention he did not offer one bit of helpful information or a suggestion as to how I might be able to do that? By the way, I am not inexperienced at this. I have been recognized for performance frequently in my region as being in the top five produces in various categories, so I don’t come as someone who is clueless, asking my manager to cut my food for me.

    The bank’s talk is certainly not matching the walk, so I am in agreement with you, and wish I had an answer that would help you feel better. The truth is many of us are even more confused than our customers.

    So if you think you are frustrated, please remember what a day in the life of the branch employees look like when you come in to sit at our desk, asking us to help resolve your issues. Our hearts are with you, and hopefully we have the tools to help you, but usually we are getting it from you and our employer simultaneously, on a greatly reduced income this year I might add.


  2. Thanks the comments. I’m sure readers are aware that you as the employers go through a lot as well. I have been in customer service for a long time too. But it is a matter of what we believe in and if our job stability matters more than our logic.


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