Asymptomatic Disability and Hillary Clinton

As many know, I am a die hard supporter of to become president.

Through here, I would like to educate people of what “Asymptomatic Illness and Disability” means.

Many people sometimes look at people from their outside appearance.
A lot of us who look to be in good health from the outside are sometimes suffering from very serious chronic and terminal illness.
Such illnesses can be Cancer, HIV, AIDS, Leukemia just to name a few. The hardest part of the illness sometimes affects the emotional and mental repercussions that prescriptions drugs do and some are effects of the disease itself. Such emotional state might be anxiety, depression, bi-polar or even Britney Spears syndrome.
So I suggest before we prejudged someone by their physical look when they say the are asymptomatically disabled, I suggest we think twice.
The Universal Health Care system in America is broken. The only person that is highly intellectual enough to understand this is my ally, Hillary Clinton.
And yes, this is why you don’t see me physically rally with Hillary because of having to suffer asymptomatic disability.

The New Trend is "Book’s Rental" Business

There is a new business in town from the University Press Core Paparazzi.

While browsing online, I saw how the new trend is just to rent books. I think it’s a great idea especially if you are a broke university student nowadays.

This is not a paid advertising but for me to endorse it side by side with my own blogs,

only means I am sold on the idea.
Good luck, university paparazzi’s.