Recovering from a Stroke before Christmas is no big deal

Yes, I ahve to admit about the many inquiries we have received concerning my health over the past two weeks.

Although, I did have all these challenges over the last three weeks, I’m back alive and kicking.

So back to business of reminding folks. This is your last week. There are orders that might not arrived by Christmas but that is the choice you made for ordering this late.

I was talking to Carl, ADLE International’s Sales Director, he recommends customers must use the expedite shipping thing if there is one. ADLE will try to deliver as fast as they can but it is up to the postal service (attn. and the couriers like UPS, Fedex, DHL and the like.

Happy Holidays and thanks for all the prayers I got. I will survive is my theme this christmas.

Alex Esguerra

Founder, ADLE International

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