Happy Halloween, Broke yet Treat a Ticking…

http://adleinternational.amazonwebstores.com Widgetting here trying to surf treat a tricking.

For those of you who are broke like me, did you know that the new way to spend halloween is through web surfing a la trick a treat.

http://youtube.com/watch/alexesguerra or perhaps visit some of my blogs at:
http://wordpress.com/adleinternational or here at www.blogspot.com

So still enjoy the candy and by the way since your reading my blog where’s my TREAT?

Happy Hallowen to everyone!

अफ्फोर्दाबिलिटी for दिसब्लेद ऎंड लिमिटेड इन्कोमे एअर्नेर्स.

Everyday, I survive and thank God for each day as I low income living disabled individual in America today. Sometimes, I try to think how many like me are out there. There are times I really consider myself being upgraded to having a bed at night and shelter distinguishing me from being homeless in America.

Yet every single day, I struggle to survive which some people don’t understand। It is really interesting because I don’t work and simply cannot। yet did try but it is a struggle।

This is why my business and blogs are always talking about affordability to limited income earners because I am an example of being one। I believe the best way of think survival is first the basic and even with the basic needs you have to prioritize।

Thus, this is the very essence of our business model at http://www.adleinternational.com or ADLE International as known through our brick and mortar stores।