Guide For New Sales Rookies

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Topic: Creating Value

The importance of value in prospecting?

In my years of sales experience, I remember my daily challenges in prospecting and qualifying. Yet, as time goes by I finally figured out that the best style is being your self, heart and soul.
Why it that? Let’s take a inside telesales or outside door to door salesman as an example? Mrs. Smith, the reason I am calling you today is that our company XYZ company is conducting a survey on.. Mrs. Smith, the reason I am here today is due to a maintenance visit?
The above scenarios would either end up on being hang up on the phone and or the door closed shut on our face.
I remember even working for a company making me call them back to ask if they were disconnected or if the door perhaps was shut accidentally. Yes, some people succeed in insistent or even argumentative tactics. But you know what, in the end a customer never buys again or even never develops to be a long term business relationship.
But if you are confident that you truly understand that the product or service benefit you have will help the prospect in the obstacles you have them relate to you, then you know value was achieved. This is where you need to re-think when you are ask the magic question of “Are you selling me something” or ” I am not interested”.
Honesty, perseverance, competitiveness, persistence and the truth makes a genuine sales achiever grow and succeed in the field of selling. The process of selling today is changing to a more value oriented process.

Alex Esguerra

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